Marketing Photographs

Every business will benefit from having a library of images that they control that explains what they do.
A library that can be put into constant use everywhere from on your website to email marketing to press releases and everything in between.
The purpose of Business photography is to atrract attention, put a message across and gain trust.

If you’ve read through my other service pages I hope that you’ve noticed that there is actually only one service on offer.
All the others are sub components of a larger Marketing Photography service.

That is my intention.

I’d like to go deeper and make this as hands on for me and as hands off for you as possible.

A Marketing Photography image library should contain:

Individual Headshots & Portraits of the Staff.
Team Photographs.
Images showing the products or services.
Documentary photos of those products in place.
Case Study images, even images of customers using your products or services.
Event photos where appropriate.
Hero images, designed to be eye catching.

Of course it all needs an Image strategy and needs to be put into action.

I’d llike to do all of the above for you and use those photos to help y ou build creative campaigns that will bring results.