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This website is set out it to show Who I am, What I do & Why I do it.
(I’m not telling you the How)

With that in mind I’d like to talk about and explain my thoughts on a very important topic.

To cut a long story short.
I want to charge project fees rather than charge for time.

So please forget about hourly rates, day rates and half day rates*.

Charging for time might be familiar but that doesn’t make it right or fair.

Firstly, with experience comes the ability to produce work more faster and more efficiently
So if you are able to do a job quicker why should you be expected to charge less for it?

Secondly, how does a client make informed choices?
Do you know how long things take to photograph?

You almost certainly don’t, unless you’re in the same line of business as me.
I do because I’ve got that data from previous jobs.
So how would you know what to budget for and how would you know what you should be paying for the work that has been done?

Thirdly, as a general rule of thumb. for every hour of photography there is around 2 hours of post production after that.
Being stuck in front of your computer is a hard thing to sell to a client yet it’s still work and a vital part of the job.

If my hourly rate is above your budget then where’s the room for negotiation?
Do I offer half an hour?
Do I drop my prices?
Do I just lose the job?

With Project Fees that’d be different.
I can set out a price for every little thing and let the client choose what’s the right fit for them.

Like a menu in a restaurant.
You could have a 3 course meal or you could have a starter. It’s up to you.

It’s the fairest way to do it.
And as I’ve set up my business to only do a couple of things, it’s also the simplest.

Pricing is one of the biggest photography business failures. Not down to the rates but rather the clarity.
My aim has always been to make that as straight forward as I can.
Make stuff easier to understand and easier to buy.
That’s the goal for every business, right?

*The only instance where I’ll use the term ‘hourly rates’ is for events as that’s what most folk are used to.
But trust me, it’s really a project fee.
I’ve worked it all out.