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If you came to this page by my homepage then you may have noticed a little orange box on it that says “Get My Newsletter”.
This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while.
For years actually.
Probably a decade in reality.

However it was something that I was never in a position to be able to do until now.

There are lots of projects that I’ve always wanted to work on and there are stories that I’d like to tell.
I think I’d struggle to get them published if I pitched them to a publication.
And if I did, I don’t see what sort of return I’d get from it.

Had I been fortunate enough to be able to start my business from a stronger position with something stable behind me it would have allowed me to take a lot more creative risks and build work that would surely have taken my career to another level.
But I didn’t have that, which meant that some projects that I really wanted to do just had to be parked to one side.

It’s only now that I’m in a position to pick up one of those projects. Finally.
Maybe picking them up nearly a decade later is too late, maybe I’ve missed the boat?
For a learning experience and for the sake of finally getting this off my to do list it’ll be worthwhile.
The tools available today are also a lot better than they were back then.
Over the last few years I’ve experimented with a few different platforms and found them all to be a bit lacking. Or overly complicated.
That process of testing has brought me to Substack and I really like this as a platform.

Rather than joining in with what it seems everyone else is doing online these days and making videos I prefer email as a medium.
I mean, do you ever even watch those videos that people post, the ones where people are driving or doing something else while talking to their selfie camera on their phones?

Text and photography is a proven medium.

The wheel does not need reinventing.

Ultimately I’d like to be able to build this into my own publication paid for by subscription fees.
Suggestions for a name would be helpful as I reckon it should have a title rather than my newsletter.

Also what draws me to email is that I have a lot of privacy and usability concerns on websites these days.
I removed all the social share buttons from my website and while I was at it, removed any cookies.
I do have Google analytics running on here but it doesn’t collect identifiable data.
There are so many websites and blogs out there that have become horrible reading experiences. With too many adverts, self playing and unskippable videos, overly aggressive and intrusive signup forms and unfair cookie policies.

Why should you be blocked from reading if you refuse permissions for cookies?
If it was your website why would you spend all that time to get traffic and readers and then hand that traffic to an advertiser or another third party?

Reading or visiting these sites on a mobile browser or a tablet is a miserable user experience.

I don’t want to do any of that.

Bringing traffic to my website is not my goal.
Instead I’d like to build an audience.
Traffic just passes by, an audience comes back.
You’ll run up a server bill with traffic.
But with an audience and a community you can build a career on the back of that.

That’s the goal.