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As I write this the dust hasn’t yet settled from the fallout of the
Coronavirus and its impact on our lives.

Maybe this is just a temporary blip that will put everything on pause for a
little while?
Or maybe it’s a fundamental change that will rewrite everything?

Either way it’s a problem that has to be dealt with.

Uncertainty might be bad for business but if you have a career and a business
in the creative industries it’s the normal state of being.

I set up my business to specialise in a couple of things.

Mainly Event Photography.

Secondly Promo and Marketing Photography.
Headshots, PR images and that sort of thing.

The goal and aim of all of this is to help people tell their stories better

I can continue to do that without having to show up somewhere.

I’ve gone through enough personal loss and chaos in the last few years that I’m
basically forged in fire. I want to offer value and service before asking
anyone to help support me.

So firstly I’ll ask what you need help with right now?
Do you need a plan or strategy?
How about specific images needs?
Things to distract you?
Someone to talk to?
Ways to not lose the plot when working on your own?
I’m not sure if I’ve successfully managed that but I’ll do my best.

My email is
My phone is 07765791483
You can find me at @mckenna_andrew on twitter or here on Linkedin

Hit me up.

Now I’ll show the other things that I’ve been doing.
As I’ve been doing this long enough I have an image archive and I’d like to
make more from it.

I have images that are available for licensing in a few places.

Stock photos on here

Stock photos and prints on here.
I have more control over pricing on here.

I make new stuff all the time but what would be useful would be knowing exactly
what I should make, Specific rather than generic.

I also have an email publication which you can subscribe to.
It has articles and photos about music, business and culture.

There’s a paid option and a free option.
I’m not a fan of putting up pay walls.
If you like what I’m doing and want me to be able to keep doing it then it
would be a tremendous help if you became a paid subscriber.

You can find my music photography on here.
Everything here is available to license for editorial use.
Some is available in prints too.

Stay safe.
Look after yourselves and others and we’ll all get through this.