Case Study: Motorpoint

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The purpose of these posts is to explain the “Why” behind what I do.
It’s not just a place to post some pretty pictures and say “hey hire me”

Of everyone that I’ve ever worked with Motorpoint are the best one ot use as a case study.
They’re good folks and always a pleasure to work with.
It’s what they asked me to do that makes them a good case study.
Every new brief being different to the last.
Like having someone pitch a curve ball at you with every new project.

Brief: Group photo of the staff and directors for souvenir brochure.

Motorpoint were celebrating their 10 year anniversary in Glasgow.
To mark this they were going to do a series of promotions.
But the first was an internal one, a black tie dinner.
It was also Christmas so 2 birds…

I had 2 tasks. The big group photograph and to make a series of smaller group photos.
This was all completed before dinner.
I’d be out of there by that point.

The large group photograph was the first thing to get done.
I did a couple, one with everyone in the room and the other with just the immediate staff.
Then went onto the smaller groups.

The big team photograph was  printed quite large and greets visitors to their showroom.

Brief: Car Giveaway with Clyde 1

This was a very clever and subtle way of getting customers to explore the car supermarket I thought.
Guests had to do some kind of task, I’m sure there was pass the parcel type game and possibly a bit of a quiz.
My shot list was more important to me than the rules of the game.

The brief this time had a few elements.
Make some promo photos before the event.
Follow the game as it unfolded
Show people looking around the dealership
And finally show the prize giving.

The key points of the giveaway and the winners photographs needed to be delivered quickly.
With the others there was less time pressure.

I encountered a problem in photographing this event.
There were a couple of the guests taking part in the competition wearing football shirts.
I managed to crop them out or obscure them from view in the photos.
If they had won we’d have asked them to cover their shirt, hiding the logos and the sponsors.
Had they been wearing a different coloured football shirt we might have not been so bothered.
In fact might even have encouraged them had the jersey been amber and claret as Motorpoint sponsor Motherwell Football Club.

Which leads to my next brief.

Brief: Bus Photo Op

I was asked to photograph the manager and maybe a player from Motherwell FC.
The original plan was to have them posing with or launching a double decker bus done up in the Motorpoint livery.
We thought it made sense to do this in front of Fir Park in Motherwell.
The problem with that plan was that the bus was a real service bus so we couldn’t just ask for it to turn up when we needed it.
There was talk that maybe we should just find out what route it was on and get on it.

There were further problems.
When the manager and players were available the bus was in service.
Then when the bus was finally available to us disaster struck.
The manager got sacked (or resigned) due to the team’s poor results.

So we changed the plan a little and did the photographs with the staff at the car supermarket instead and made a little set of images around that.
Also we did some at the football ground, minus the players.

Brief: Adopting a Charity

Motorpoint wanted to show the work they did with the community and with charity and were going to adopt the charity called the Haven.
The Haven support people with life limiting illness.

The photos were to have General Manager Adam with June & Scott from the Haven.
Ideally outside with the logo. But that depended on the weather.

These photographs were used for social posts for both Motorpoint and the Haven.

MotorPoint adopting the Haven
MotorPoint adopting the Haven
MotorPoint adopting the Haven
MotorPoint adopting the Haven

Brief: Supporting Lifesavers Scotland.

Lifesavers Scotland are an emergency response service that provide an out of hours facility for NHS hospitals cross Glasgow and Lanarkshire. With Motorpoint’s support they would be able to work nationally.
My task was to have a photo of Adam Gilmore, General Manager, with a couple of their emergency response ikes outside Motorpoint.
“Maybe Adam sat on one with the Lifesavers Scotland team around him”.

Again these photographs were for social feeds, or for local press.

Motorpoint & Lifesavers Scotland
Motorpoint & Lifesavers Scotland

These are the types of projects that I can really help with and the types of project that I want to be working on.

And if you’d like me to help your business like this then please drop me a message.